South America

For the angler seeking pristine wilderness, endless angling opportunities, and unmatched hospitality, there is no better place than South America. From the dense, untouched jungles surrounding the Amazon Basin to the breathtaking peaks and rivers in Patagonia, this green continent offers more world-class fishing destinations than you could enjoy in a lifetime.

The Amazon is the world’s largest freshwater river system. It's also the home to half the world’s tropical forests, as well as myriad unique plants and animals—including more than 3,000 species of fishes. Fifteen of those are the peacock basses, which are regarded among the most beautiful and prized gamefish on Earth. Many anglers have taken a “once-in-a-lifetime” bucket-list trip to Brazil or Guyana to pursue trophy peacocks, only to find themselves coming back year after year to experience even more awe-inspiring jungle fish opportunities—including payara, arowana, pacu, wolf fish, countless catfishes, even the mysterious and massive arapaima.

If the tropical rainforest isn't your speed, the hospitality, temperate climate, and unmatched beauty of Patagonia could be your ideal fishing destination. An old adage in Argentina goes, “In Patagonia, God created the perfect trout habitat. He just forgot the trout.” Since their introduction in the 20th century, Argentine Patagonia has risen to among the world’s premiere trout fishing destinations. Combine rich local culture, fine food, and amazing wine with unmatched fishing opportunities and you have an experience you won't ever forget.


Guyana is a small South American country neighboring Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela. Known for its dense tropical rainforests, vast river systems, rich biodiversity, and unique jungle fishing opportunities, Guyana is a truly epic destination for fly anglers searching for adventure. The remotest areas of the country also host one of the largest gamefishes on earth—the prehistoric arapaima.

Arapaima are the largest scaled freshwater fish on the planet–and quite possibly the biggest fish anywhere that you sight-fish on the fly. Reaching beyond 400 pounds and 10 feet in length, these prehistoric beasts are not for the faint of heart. As air breathers, arapaima must rise every 10 to 20 minutes to gulp–revealing their position and presenting a shot opportunity. If you can put your bird-sized fly within a few feet of their nose, they’ll often crush it so hard you can hear the impact 40 feet away. Strip-set hard and often and you’ll soon be treated to hundreds of pounds of scales and muscle tailwalking across the formerly-calm surface. In the world of fly fishing, nothing else really compares.

While arapaima are the main event, the rivers of Guyana offer some of the world’s best topwater action for a variety of exotic species. Peacock bass, arowana, and “vampire fish” payara rise up from the depths and absolutely destroy poppers chugging across the surface. Keep your eyes peeled around waterfalls and rapids and you might also spot bright-orange pacu, often reverently called “river permit” for their shape and immense challenge with fly tackle. If you’re lucky enough to hook one and land one, you’re in for a Guyanese delicacy. Speaking of good food, Guyana’s rivers also teem with muscular, ornate, and extremely tasty catfishes including redtail, tiger, leopard, butter, and even the massive jau and lau lau.

Guyana’s best fishing is found deep in the interior of the country where you can visit either via jungle camps or ecolodges. While this is a fantastic fly fishing destination, it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for a rugged adventure and an opportunity to catch a massive, rare, and exotic species, please contact Gil for more information!

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