Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec

3Camps en Gaspésie

Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec

3Camps en Gaspésie

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Pure and simple, this is one of the classic fly fishing experiences found anywhere in the world. Atlantic salmon are among of the most desirable species in fly fishing, and Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula offers opportunity in spades. Guests at 3Camps en Gaspésie may fish private beats on three remarkable rivers including the Bonaventure, which is noted for incredible water clarity; the intimate and rewarding; Petite Cascapédia; and the Grand Cascapédia, which boots out massive salmon each year, fish that sometimes best the 40-pound mark. These rivers provide ample wading options and the classic Gaspésian poled-canoe experience. Fish here eat dries like crazy, and they’ll take classic wet flies, too.


June - September


Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout


Three classic Canadian lodges, tastefully placed near the banks of Quebec’s most noted salmon rivers, the Bonaventure, Petite Cascapédia and Grand Cascapédia


The Club on The Bonaventure (6) · Salmon Lodge (8) · Camp Bonaventure (12)

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The 3Camps en Gaspésie Experience

Whether you’re fishing Atlantic salmon for the first time or the 50th, 3Camps Gaspésie is the right fit for you. The Gaspé Peninsula is the best option for anglers who don’t want to travel overseas to Russia, Iceland, or Norway—and you don’t lose anything in the quality of fishing or fish. These three rivers—Bonaventure, Grand Cascapédia, and Petite Cascapédia—offer a deep woods environment and fish that are eager to take. Expect to catch several salmon during your stay. On a good week, you could wear out your arms battling large Atlantics. During an average week you’ll likely catch several grilse along with salmon that range between 7 and 15 pounds. It’s not uncommon to catch fish that push past 20 pounds, and on the Grand Cascapédia you could hook a fish weighing 40 or more. An array of quality guides keep you covering prime water on multiple historic pools throughout your trip.

Camp Bonaventure, The Club, and Salmon Lodge are the three of only four Orvis-endorsed salmon fishing lodges in Quebec. Camp Bonaventure was awarded the Orvis-endorsed Lodge of The Year Award, and Salmon Lodge was nominated and received an honorable mention.

Fresh salmon enter Gaspé rivers, including the Bonaventure, Grand Cascapédia, and Petite Cascapédia, beginning in late May and early June and continue on every tide throughout the season. Peak runs occur in early June to late July and again from mid August to the end of September. There are two prime time fishing periods: The first runs from June 10 to July 20 and the second from August 15 through September 30. Both periods provide excellent fishing but are very different and special in their own way. During June and July, anglers and guides travel the rivers in traditional 26-foot-long canoes and catch fish from the vessel and while wading. During the August and September period, the famous pools are full of salmon and it’s one of the best times for sight casting free-floating dry flies. Expect to wade extensively at this time as the river levels are typically lower than you might find earlier in the season. Both time periods offer bright fish but you are more likely to hook a “chrome” salmon in June and July.

No matter when you visit, expect a high-quality salmon fishing experience—these lodges carry a number of leases on various sections of these three rivers, which allows anglers to fish the water that is fishing best. The Bonaventure is very special and exciting with incredibly clear water offering plenty of sight-casting options. Dry fly fishing is simply the best here as anglers often watch salmon home in on the fly. The world-renowned Grand Cascapédia is North America’s big salmon river where fish in the 40-pound class are an attainable dream. The Petite Cascapédia, much like the Grand, produces some huge salmon and plenty of trophy brook trout.

Guests at The Club have the opportunity to fish the longest beat of private water on the Bonaventure, and this area contains some of the best holding pools on the entire river. Exclusive to The Club, its pools are well rested to create a sight-casters dream scenario.

Fishing Schedule
A routine day at Salmon Lodge and Camp Bonaventure begins with hot breakfast at 6:30 a.m. Guides arrive at camp at 7:00 a.m. and guests depart when ready. You will spend the entire day on the river if you choose, and in that case lunch will be served on bank. Most guests return to camp anywhere between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. That routine is completely dependent on a guest’s request. An early morning departure or an afternoon return to the lodge can be accommodated.

The Club on the Bonaventure follows the same breakfast and departure schedule. Being located close to the water at The Club is a luxury—anglers can return from the river at any time for an in-house lunch or a nap, or they can take lunch on the river to maximize every moment. On hot July days some guests enjoy the lodge during the afternoon and return to fishing in the cool evening hours. Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are served at 6:30 p.m., and supper is served at 7:30 p.m. in the dining room. Again, no routine is set in stone; The Club can shift schedules based on a guest’s preferences.

Boats and Equipment
During June and July, anglers and guides travel the rivers in traditional 26-foot-long river canoes. Late season fishing is mostly walk and wade.

Equipment Rental: All 3Camps lodges offer full rental packages from well-known brands that include Simms, Patagonia, and Orvis. Packages include Spey rods, reels, lines, and heads, plus waders and boots. The rental rate is just $25 per day.

Camp Bonaventure was built in 1993 and designed as a salmon fishing lodge. It offers all the amenities you can imagine and hosts up to 12 guests. Visiting anglers enjoy comfortable double bedrooms with private bathrooms and screened sitting areas. A well-appointed and comfortable dining room overlooks the beautiful Bonaventure River, the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal. The lodge’s living room is imminently relaxing, featuring a 35-foot-high stone fireplace and the perfect place to share all your fishing stories. Camp Bonaventure also offers a private guest house with two double bedrooms and private baths, screened porches, and a living room with a stone fireplace. This is an ideal location for small groups and business retreats.

Salmon Lodge was built in 1887 and has operated as a salmon fishing lodge ever since. Located on an 80-foot bluff overlooking the Grand Cascapédia River, it boasts the best views in the valley. Hosting up to eight guests, Salmon Lodge provides a special “back in the day” rustic feeling. The main lodge has four large double bedrooms, each with private baths. The well-appointed living and dining rooms overlook the river and still have their original century-old fireplaces. A guest house is a minute walk from the main lodge and offers two single bedrooms, a private bathroom, a living room, and a private porch overlooking the Grand. One of Salmon Lodge’s most beautiful assets is a large wrap-around porch that allows guests to relax and enjoy the best seat in the house for sunrises and sunsets.

The Club on the Bonaventure has also been in operation for more than a century. Until recently the Club, previously known as The Canadian Salmon Club, was a members-only operation. Taking a maximum of six anglers at a time, the Club remains an exclusive destination for the most discriminating salmon anglers. The Club features six private bedrooms each with their own fireplace and bathroom. Its spacious living and dining areas are adjacent to a large screened deck that overlooks some of the best holding pools on the entire Bonaventure River.

Rod Rooms: Each of these lodges have “rod rooms,” which is where guests meet their guides in the morning. The rod room has individual locker areas and rod racks for storing and drying your gear. This is also where you will always find a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and refreshing cold drinks at the end of a fabulous day. Neighboring the rod rooms are fully stocked fly shops where you can peruse an endless fly selection and buy clothing, lodge memorabilia, and other necessities.

3Camps guests often say they would return to this trio of lodges just for the food. Every day offers a different menu prepared by resident chefs. Homemade breads and jams along with morning favorites will get you ready for a full day on the water. Lunch can be taken at The Club or on the water at Salmon Lodge and Camp Bonaventure. After fishing you’ll enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m. followed at 7:30 p.m. by mouth-watering meals that include fresh salads, soups, appetizers, and entrees of fresh lobster and sizzling steaks, among other delicacies. Wine is included with dinner. Personal alcohol is not included but guests can bring their favorite spirits; classic bars provide all ice, mix, and necessary ingredients for a perfect drink. We also cater to special dietary needs. Please advise GFFI in advance and we will relay that information to the lodge.

Wi-Fi available at all locations.

These are true fishing camps and non-angling activities are limited.

Air Canada provides daily flight service between Montreal and Gaspé, Quebec, or Bathurst, New Brunswick. Two flights arrive and depart each location daily. 3Camps is a three-hour drive from each airport. Guests can rent a car at the airport or 3Camps can provide the ride to and from. Cost is $300 each way. Camp Bonaventure also offers a 6,000-foot paved landing strip for private aircraft. The airport code CYVB, and private jets are available on request.

In addition, guests can arrive directly to Bonaventure via an overnight train from Montreal. The train has private bedrooms, showers, a lounge car, and a dining car. The train schedule allows for a full day of fishing on your arrival and departure dates. Contact Midcurrent for more details.

Midcurrent’s services are completely free. Clients will not pay more than if booked directly with a lodge. All rates are per person based on double occupancy, and listed in U.S. dollars.

2023 Rates

Camp Bonaventure
Double Occupancy/ Shared Room, Boat and Guide
Camp Bonaventure (June 1 through August 14)  $1,189.85 per night/taxes included
Camp Bonaventure (August 15 through August 31) $931.93 per night/taxes included
Camp Bonaventure (Sept 1 through Sept 30) $1,062.37 per night/taxes included

Salmon Lodge
Double Occupancy/ Shared Room, Boat and Guide
Salmon Lodge (June 1 through August 14)  $1,274.85 per night/taxes included
Salmon Lodge (August 15 through August 31) $931.93 per night/taxes included
Salmon Lodge (Sept 1 through Sept 30) $1,1147.36 per night/taxes included

The Club on the Bonaventure
Double Occupancy/ Shared Room, Boat and Guide

The Club (June 1 through August 14)  $1,487.31 per night/taxes included
The Club (August 15 through August 31) $1,062.37 per night/taxes included
The Club (Sept 1 through Sept 30) $1,189.85 per night/taxes included

Bookings are confirmed with a 50% deposit, made no later than seven days after booking a trip. Balance must be received no later than 90 days prior to the first day of the trip. Notification of cancellation must be received 90 days prior to the first day of the trip in order to receive partial or full credit for an alternate date. All payments are final and nonrefundable, with the exception of a medical or family emergency, deemed reasonable at Midcurrent’s discretion.

Booking a trip or making a deposit represents that the client accepts all terms and conditions. Midcurrent’s terms are in addition to any terms and conditions of each individual lodge that Midcurrent’s represents. Please read those terms carefully—lodge terms, which may differ from Midcurrent’s terms, supersede any agreements between Midcurrent and a client.

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