Katmai National Park, Alaska

Grosvenor Lodge

Katmai National Park, Alaska

Grosvenor Lodge

Why We Like It

Want your own your piece of Alaska for a week, with two gorgeous lakes and one of the most impressive trout streams on the planet in your backyard? If so, Grosvenor Lodge is the place to be. It’s the only lodge located on either Grosvenor or Coville lakes, as well as the only operation with access by boat to the legendary American Creek. When other lodges’ planes are grounded by weather, Grosvenor guests get American to themselves. This operation also provides spectacular rainbow and lake trout fishing from a narrow spit of land dividing the two lakes. Guests can fish before breakfast and after dinner, often casting to lake trout that crash salmon fry on the surface. We also love the setting: Grosvenor consists of three rustic and cozy cabins with shared yet private bath facilities, plus a cookhouse and a main lodge. The buildings are part of a concession within Katmai National Park and maintain a strongly historic feel. The cabins are settled among tall green grass and beautiful birch and willows. Occasionally a bear or moose strolls through the grounds. Fishing is never further than 15 yards away.


June - November


Dolly Varden, Lake Trout, Pike, Rainbow Trout


Rustic and quaint two bedroom cabins with shared bath facilities, and a classic main lodge.



Lodge Features & Amenities

Amazing Food

Beginner Friendly

Couples Friendly

Remote Location


The Grosvenor Lodge Experience

Grosvenor Lodge operates on a concession within Katmai National Park and is maintained for an authentic Alaskan feel. When fishing at Grosvenor, guests rarely see other anglers and are afforded quick access to American Creek. It’s also the only lodge with jetboat access to Hardscrabble Creek, one of the wildest locations you might ever throw a fly. Hardscrabble hosts a healthy population of large Dolly Varden, as well as scenery galore. What the accommodations lack in modern appointment, they make up for in style. Think trapper cabins with bunk beds on one side and a single bed on the other. Shared baths with private toilets and showers are located next to the cabins. Guests eat breakfasts and dinners in the cookhouse, enjoying top-shelf salmon, beef tenderloin, and the occasional lake trout. This is an intimate setting where guests and staff work closely together to make an enjoyable fishing experience for all. 

Variety is a draw here, but Bristol Bay’s fabled leopard rainbows are the most sought-after species. Many of these fish reside in the lakes during winter, moving into the streams in late May and June. When they do, those monster rainbows will rise to mouse patterns along with serious caddis and mayfly hatches. These ‘bows also take salmon fry, either dead-drifted or twitched in the surface film. They average better than 20 inches long with real possibilities of 28- to 30-inch fish. When sockeye salmon arrive, usually by the end of June, the rainbows focus on the eggs from those spawning fish. Anglers simply drift bead patterns behind the salmon to pick off big rainbows. Dolly Varden also are present, ranging to 30 inches with the average fish going about 22 inches long. In the early season they are bright and fresh from the lakes; as summer progresses these fish gain their spawning colors and become orange and yellow with developed kypes and white-tipped fins. Grosvenor and Coville lakes also produce lake trout, including fish that stretch to 20 pounds or more. Fly fishers concentrate on lakers that range between 3 and 6 pounds, often casting to them from shore near the lodge. As summer progresses these fish move to deeper water where they can be targeted with fast-sinking lines. 

Fishing Schedule
There’s no rush here—it’s not like you need to beat other anglers to the prime spots. Instead, you get up early with breakfast being served at 7 a.m. Then you’re off with a guide to fish for rainbows, pike, Dollies, salmon, and/or lake trout. If you choose to fish rainbows on American Creek, your entire day will be spent there either fishing the lower end out of a jetboat or beaching the boat and hiking into “the braids” where you can sight-fish to large rainbows in a pocket-water setting. Likewise, if you choose to fish trout in Hardscrabble Creek or northern pike in the Grosvenor Lake outlet, you’ll spend most of the day in that area. You can fish from the narrow spit of land that the lodge rests on at any time morning or evening with the possibility of catching a northern pike, rainbow, or lake trout. Early in the season, June through mid July, it hardly gets dark so you can fish until you drop.

Boats and Equipment
Jetboats are the name of the game here.

Loaner Gear
Grosvenor can outfit guests with rods, reels, fly lines, flies, and terminal tackle. Waders and boots are also available for use, which allows guests to save on bulk when traveling to and from the lodge. You will need to bring your own high-quality rain jacket. If you bring your own wading boots, remember that felt soles are not allowed in Alaska. The lodge also restricts metal cleats.

Cozy and rustic says it all. Three guests cabins are nestled in tall, green grass and surrounded by birch and alder trees. They rest on a narrow spit of land that divides Grosvenor Lake from Colville Lake. Fishing is never farther away than a 15 yard walk. Each cabin has heat and electricity and includes one twin-size bed and a twin-sized bunk bed. A recently renovated bathhouse is just steps away from the guest cabins and features two private restrooms with showers.

The main lodge is a classic Alaska structure with a big fireplace, couches, lounge chairs, fly tying desk, and an open bar where you can make cocktails each evening. The lodge offers a beautiful view of Colville Lake where you’re likely to see rainbows and lake trout crashing salmon fry.

The main lodge is just steps away from the kitchen and dining room where guests and lodge staff share meals around a large dining table with views of Grosvenor Lake.

An excellent variety of hors d’oeuvres are served in the lodge before guests walk to the dining room for outstanding Alaskan-style meals. Salmon, lake trout, steaks, robust salads, bread, and pasta are often on the menu. Eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and coffee, among other offerings, make up breakfasts here. Lunches are served on the water or in the lodge, depending on the guests’ schedules. You won’t go hungry here.

Grosvenor is located in a very remote area of Katmai National Park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Wi-Fi is available at the lodge when the generator is running. Streaming services are limited, but messaging, e-mail, and social media accounts can be used. The lodge phone line is available if needed.

Grosvenor is primarily a fishing lodge, but non-anglers can schedule fly-outs to Brooks Falls for bear viewing or the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. On site, non-anglers have plenty of photography opportunities with moose, bears, and a variety of birds frequently seen in the area. 

Despite being so remote, getting to Grosvenor is relatively easy. Simply arrive in Anchorage prior to one of the scheduled private flights out on Katmai Air. You’ll board a pressurized Pilatus PC-12 aircraft and fly for an hour to Kulik Lodge, Grosvenor’s sister operation. Upon arrival at Kulik you’ll be greeted by lodge staff and shuttled by van to the main building where you can eat lunch, grab a cup of coffee, and wander the grounds if you’d like. Soon after, you’ll climb aboard a Katmai Air floatplane for a short and extremely beautiful 20-minute flight to Grosvenor Lodge. Each guest is limited to 50 pounds of luggage, including carry-ons.

Midcurrent’s services are completely free. Clients will not pay more than if booked directly with a lodge. All rates are per person based on double occupancy, and listed in U.S. dollars.

2023 Rates (per person based on double occupancy/shared guide/boat)

3 Nights (Arrive Sunday/Depart Wednesday): $3,895
4 Nights (Arrive Sunday/Depart Wednesday): $4,895
7 Nights (Arrive Wed or Sun/Depart Wed or Sun): $6,895

Guided Fly-Outs
(purchased on-site at Grosvenor Lodge or in advance): $500 per person/per day
Note: Two person minimum


  • Fly outs are per person per day.
  • Two-person minimum.
  • Fly outs should be booked on-site at the lodge as there is no credit or refund for prebooked fly outs.
  • Grosvenor guests should NOT expect fly outs to be available on a daily basis as a guide has to be available from another lodge, unless ALL guests at Grosvenor are choosing to fly out together.

Not Included:

  • Airfare to Anchorage, Alaska (ANC)
  • Flights between Anchorage and Grosvenor Lodge
  • Daily fly-out fishing (can be arranged at the lodge)
  • Gratuities for guides and staff
  • Alaska sportfishing license (may be purchased online in advance)

Grosvenor Lodge reservations may be cancelled for any reason.

  • Reservations that are cancelled more than 90 days before the original trip start date;
  • Are eligible to receive a full refund of all payment previously made.
  • Are eligible for a full credit of payments made, that may be used for future trips(see below for rebooking terms).
  • Reservations that are cancelled 90 days or less before original trip start date;
  • Are eligible to receive a refund only if space made available by the cancellation is sold to another party. Refunds issued will be only equal to the resold amount received.
  • Are eligible for a full credit of payments made, that may be used for future trips(see below for rebooking terms).
  • All reservations that are cancelled;
  • Forfeit first right of refusal to the dates made available by the cancelled reservation.
  • May be rescheduled for future trips based on availability only after all current season first right of refusal options are exercised.

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