MidCurrent Travel

Exciting news for our destination anglers! Gil’s Fly Fishing is merging with MidCurrent.com to become MidCurrent Travel.

For 20-plus years MidCurrent has led the online fly-fishing media space, becoming the domain authority for high-level original content that is vetted, informative and extremely helpful to anglers. Gil’s friends and customers now have access to one of the greatest fly-fishing resources on the planet and can share ideas and travel information with a community like-minded anglers.

The Gil’s travel team you’ve relied on is part of this transition—there will be no change to your upcoming adventures other than a name change. The midcurrent.com subscriber base can expect enhanced services and information, a great step in MidCurrent’s role as the definitive fly-fishing media brand.

“This merger provides our clients with leading travel advice and booking services, along with the most comprehensive online fly-fishing media resource available. We have big plans. Stay tuned. We promise not to disappoint.”

Gil Greenberg, founder of Gil’s

Feel free to reach out to any of the program directors if you have any questions.

South America Brandon@midcurrent.com  1 (817)-455-5374
Bahamas & Mexico
Alex@midcurrent.com 1 (305)-389-9367
Alaska, Rockies, PNW, Belize
Greg@midcurrent.com  1 (206) 817-6001
Gil@midcurrent.com  1 (416) 949-4547