Join Greg Thomas for a winter steelhead adventure on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, February 27-March 2, 2024. If I had to pick one kind of fishing for the rest of my life I’d probably choose winter steelhead. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and, naturally, have a predisposition for those soggy, green forests and slate-colored

Barefoot Adventures, Guyana, February 2024: Hosted Trip with Sam Lungren

Outfitter Jules Fredericks utilizes two rugged jungle camps, respectively three and six hours upriver from Rewa Village, providing access to a wealth of arapaima ponds and lagoons. These small lakes, of varying difficulty to reach, all contain robust and varied populations of the giant fish, offering anglers multiple visual shots every session.

Hunting Arapaima in Guyana

Deep in the heart of the South American jungle, the rivers of Guyana play host to the largest freshwater game fish on earth – Arapaima Gigas. Guyana is one of the rare locations where these massive beasts can be caught on the fly. Due to a co-partnership between local communities, conservationists, and the government, the