Gone Clubbing

Are airport VIP lounges really worth it? A few years ago, I was on my way home from a self-designed, poorly thought-out fishing trip to Albania with a budding, chain-smoking Macedonian guide named Zafir. He was awesome. The trip, though super fun in a pickle-your-liver kind of way, wasn’t, at least on the get-skunked fishing

MidCurrent Travel

Exciting news for our destination anglers! Gil’s Fly Fishing is merging with MidCurrent.com to become MidCurrent Travel. For 20-plus years MidCurrent has led the online fly-fishing media space, becoming the domain authority for high-level original content that is vetted, informative and extremely helpful to anglers. Gil’s friends and customers now have access to one of

20 Tips for Flats Fishing

Flats fishing is the pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing It is tough, rewarding, and intimate. The angler must make countless decisions, often with little time to process. To become a good flats fisherman there are a number of skills and techniques an angler must learn. While some take practice, others require understanding and focus. Here